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Do you have bike hire?
Yes we do, pop on into the store or give us a ring to discuss the options!

So you recycle bikes?
Yes, we are happy to take in donations and work closely with Southend Council to try and get our locals out riding bikes and getting fit!

Where are you?
We are easy to find, as you go into Southend Central station we are located on the immediate right.

Why should I recycle my bike?
We promote keeping bicycles out of landfill. Bicycles by their nature are very difficult to recycle as they have different grades and types of metal used in their construction. They also have rubber tyres and inner tubes. the contact points can be made from various different types of plastics. The whole thing is a headache for the recycling centres so they tend to throw them into general waste (or land fill as it is better known). We take the bike and strip it down. We are yet to come across the bike that doesnt have some salvageable parts. We clean and service the parts and restore them to their former condition.