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Sustainable Transport

Why is sustainable travel vital for Essex?

Essex has a large population and provides an important link to mainland Europe for freight and passenger traffic.

Motor vehicles create carbon emissions and other pollutants that damage the environment, add to global warming and reduce air quality for local residents. They can also cause more congestion, longer delays, increased parking problems, and reduced road safety.

Sustainable travel can be a valuable way of improving health. If we reduce our dependence on the car, we could walk or cycle more. Even if it is just a short journey to a bus stop or car share pick up.

Any form of transport can be sustainable:

• Public transport

• Car sharing

• Walking

• Cycling

• Electric, hybrid and biodiesel cars (vehicles that keep carbon emissions, and other pollutants, to a minimum)

Sustainable travel is any form of transport that keeps damage to our environment, and therefore the future, to a minimum.


What can you do?

There are a number of ways that we can make our use of transport more sustainable:

• Car sharing - reducing the number of single occupant journeys can have a huge impact on pollution and congestion.

• Travel plans - When businesses, schools and other organisations create a travel plan, they can make a real difference to the transport choice their employees and visitors make.

• Walking buses - A walking bus scheme can benefit children, parents, the school and the local community.

• Reduce carbon dioxide emissions - how we use our cars, and the type of cars we decide to buy, can affect our own carbon dioxide emissions.