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Volunteers Needed!

We're a fairly small organisation that relies mainly on the support of our strong team of volunteers, so we're always looking out for more help.

Volunteering can be as big or as small as you want it to be, depending on what makes you tick and how much time you're able to commit. We've got volunteers doing all sorts of things including:

Workshop - Repairing and dismantling bikes, a very hands on approach

Admin - We have volunteers working in our office answering the telephone, organising pickups, liasing with other organisations and maintaining the website

Tech - Building and maintaining our office computer network and webserver

We're very flexible and welcome any help we can get, so come along to our workshop in Southend on Sea or get in touch to talk about how you can help us!

"We would not be able to operate, or get where we have done,
without the help of a large number of committed and capable volunteers."

- Thank You All
The Comfy Saddle